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Leading names and "global players" in the medical device industry rely on our manufacturing expertise. Learn why quality "made in Germany" is trusted worldwide and let us also custom make your products or parts! Our OEM division provides complete contract manufacturing capabilities for reusable surgical instruments, implants, devices, parts and components for almost any surgical disciplines.

We also supply precision parts and components made from stainless steels, titanium, carbon, cycling, PEEK, aluminum and other materials. In addition to milling, turning, EDM and grinding parts we manufacture and custom design fixatures and tooling systems for you. Confidentiality is guaranteed of course. Our expertise ranges from prototype through to series. We can help you with all aspects and at all stages of manufacturing.

Greatest precision, best trueness and highest accuracy ensures the quality and reliability of care in surgery, but also in the fields of metrology, engineering, automotive and aviation and aerospace technology.

Our qualified technicians are efficiently working with the latest machinery including advanced 5-axis CNC machining centers, which is also meet the requirements for the most complex parts, supported by 3D CAD design software (SolidWorks), 2D CAD design software(MegaCAD), CAM / CIM software (SolidCAM iMachining) and rapid prototyping.

Benefit from our experience with various materials and our expertise in the field of surface treatments. With nearly 30 years of production experience, we can implement your projects effectively and quickly. Contact us today!

"The secret of success lies not in doing your own work, but in recognizing the right man to do it."
Andrew Carnegie, Scottish entrepreneur and philanthropist, 1835-1919

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