Development, modernization and optimization a continuous process.

Our passion allows us to continually bring new solutions to market ...


There is no progress without change. We continue on the path of continuous innovation, assuming that even the best can still be better. This includes apart from totally new developments, also the continuous modernization and optimization of products and processes, and also the always steady attempt to even further increase product quality and to maximize the user benefit.

Challenges, but also opportunities for the future we envision in the growing trend towards minimally invasive or endoscopic therapy, in the merging between the areas of interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery, new methods through the use of biomedical approaches and tissue engineering, the development and marketing of complete process chains and the use of new materials.

Examples of innovative developments during the last years by our company are the ValveGate instrument programs for minimal invasive cardiac surgery, the SpineGate spine endoscopy system, arthroscopy hand instruments, the Maazouzi APS© Aortic Plasty Sizer, the Speroni One for All Retractor, the Adams-Yozu Mini Valve System, the Bugge Suction Tubes, Stabilizers for Beating Heart Surgery, the Millennium Platform, Premature Babies Microvascular Clamps, the CardioFrame DR platform, The IMAgate system kit, structurae micro instruments, Ley prostheses, full welded tissue forceps and much more.

"All sciences are vain and full of errors that are not born of experience, the mother of all knowledge."
Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519

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