You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

(Mahatma Gandhi)


There are clear indications of an ongoing global climate change. The root cause seems to be the emission of greenhouse gases due to human activity. A change in the climate could potentially alter the conditions that govern human life and lead to major costs. Therefore, we believe that the global community should aim at reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to acceptable levels as rapidly as possible, as well as providing secure and affordable energy for a stable, global development.

We recognize that:

Climate Change is an issue requiring urgent and extensive action on the part of governments, business and citizens if the risk of serious damage to global prosperity and security is to be avoided.

Climate change poses both risks and opportunities to all parts of the business sector, everywhere. It is in the interest of the business community, as well as responsible behavior, for companies and their associations to play a full part in increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions to the atmosphere and, where possible, assisting society to respond to those changes in the climate to which we are already committed.

We commit to:

Taking practical actions now to increase the efficiency of energy usage and to reduce the carbon burden of our products, services and processes.

Building significant capacity within our organization to understand fully the implications of climate change for our business and to develop a coherent business strategy for minimizing risks and identifying opportunities.

Engaging fully and positively with our own national governments, inter-governmental organizations and civil society organizations to develop policies and measures that will provide an enabling framework for the business sector to contribute effectively to building a low carbon economy.

Working collaboratively with other enterprises nationally and sectorally, and along our value-chains, by setting standards and taking joint initiatives aimed at reducing climate risks, assisting with adaptation to climate change and enhancing climate-related opportunities.

Becoming an active business champion for rapid and extensive response to climate change with our peers, employees, customers and the broader public.

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